The Empowered & Embodied Leadership Assessment 

By Wildfire Global


The current model of Leadership, while it works for some, can hold certain leaders back from reaching their highest potential. Personality assessments such as the enneagram and Myers-briggs are very good at helping you understand your strengths and weaknesses. However, the results can be limiting as they guide you to “make the best of what you have.” 


The truth is, you may not even be totally aware of your highest potential. At Wildfire Global, we believe that all Leadership begins with self-mastery. You have the capacity to far exceed your current level of Leadership – in every area of your life. Your potential to expand and ascend is, quite literally unlimited. 

The Empowered & Embodied Leadership Assessment goes beyond your personality and into the heart & soul of who you are currently being and how it’s influencing those around you. It also tells you your capacity to create the career, prosperity and relationships that you truly want. 

You have the capacity to transform your whole life, but first you need to recognize where to begin. If you want to live at your highest potential, then you need to go deep. I spent 20+ years in corporate America. And I dare say, I’ve taken almost every Leadership assessment out there. Today, as an Empowered & Embodied CEO of my own firm, one who fully embraces my spiritual acumen as a natural part of who I am, I found the results of the standard assessments, while compelling on some levels, often fell flat on others. 

As a spirit having a human experience, I wanted to go deeper; To experience my Leadership in all directions, across multiple dimensions. When I couldn’t find what I wanted; I created it. The Empowered & Embodied Leadership Assessment is uniquely designed to maximize your human potential by tapping into your personal power reservoir. Together, we will hold up a mirror to your current perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, feeling and attitudes, so you can gain access to your “hidden” potential of intuition, creative genius, inner spiritual authority and magnetism. Everything is energy. The money, love and lifestyle you desire is all aligned with a certain energetic frequency. So, if you want to bring more of these experiences into your life, you must cultivate the awareness of where you are expending your energy right now. 

The Empowered & Embodied Leadership Assessment teaches you how to reclaim your power, so you’re in control of how to use it to create your desires. 

At Wildfire, we guide our Empowered & Embodied Leaders to become masters of what we call the 3 key awarenesses.

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Situational Awareness
  3. Impact Awareness 

In essence, these leaders learn how to do the inner work (self awareness) to increase their capacity to quickly & accurately assess their environment (situational awareness) so that they can moderate their emotions, thoughts and decisions to have the greatest, most positive and appropriate impact on those around them (impact awareness). The current model of Leadership leaves even the most loyal Leaders second-guessing their decisions, feeling fearful about their future or that they don’t have control over their circumstances. 

Empowered & Embodied Leaders are powerful & magnetic. They understand their creative genius and intuition, combined with their intellect, are the keys to experiencing a more balanced, pleasurable and powerful life. A life where the love, money, power, pleasure, and freedom you most deeply desire is easily available to you. Your Empowered & Embodied Leadership Assessment begins with the Energy Leadership Index (ELI). The ELI is a time-tested, metric-based attitudinal assessment. It’s comprehensive – you will receive deep insight into XXX aspects of your life – and it’s amazingly accurate. As a result, you will receive a holistic view of where you are currently expanding, leaking and conserving your personal power. 

I’ve been guiding my client’s to empower themselves using the ELI for years and after having done so, I’ve remastered the debrief to include the spiritual acumen that I believe the future of Leadership demands & deserves. The Empowered & Embodied Leadership Assessment takes you beyond the classic assessment debrief, and into the multi-dimensional aspects of what it means to be a leader for the future. 

Here’s How This Will Flow

One part Leadership Assessment, one part alchemical transformation, the Empowered & Embodied Leadership Assessment is a Wildfire Exclusive Experience. 

In your private 3 hour session, you will:

✔️ Gain powerful insights into the attitudes, thoughts, beliefs & habits that are aligned with your current level of Leadership and life experiences. 

✔️ Accelerate your capacity to move through any feelings of victimization, fear and anger. 

✔️ Discover the hidden power reservoir that will give you immediate access to more of your natural intuition, creative genius and magnetism. 

✔️ Transform self-doubt and second-guessing into self-assuredness and knowing which action taken-and when to take it. 

You will receive a copy of your results report, so you can easily track your own progress as you take guided action to fully realize your highest potential. The ELI is designed to be taken repeatedly. It is a dynamic tool that tracks and measures your personal development over time. In other words, it grows with you. This is another reason why it’s our go-to assessment here at Wildfire. 

Even if you’ve taken the ELI previously, this experience will shift everything you think you know about who you are as a leader – from the proverbial “boardroom to the bedroom“ ™. 

Kimberly is fire: an activation, a clearing, a divine feminine energetic force that helps us remember who we are. During my Akashic Records reading, Kimberly not only opened the records, she catalyzed a force of love that ignited a reawakening with me. The serendipitous messages that occurred—even immediately—after our session showed the power of how The Mystery can unfold in our lives when we listen. And Kimberly knows how to listen.  

As a shamanic seer, I trust her.  

As a truth teller, I trust her.  

As a fire-starter, I trust her.  

You should, too. 

Rebecca Cavendar  

Inspirational. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think as to why I would recommend Kimberly. I met Kimberly few years ago ago on a retreat she was on. Little did I know that us meeting would have such an impact on me years later. Her magic has kept us in touch and she has literally sparked inspiration into my life when I needed it the most.
Even through the years we’ve lived so far from one another, distance has never gotten in the way of her shedding light, wisdom, and inspiration into my life.
Michelle Nayebkhil

Kimberly is a Badass Goddess who sees the Badass Goddess in me. She holds the highest vision for our work together, which inspires me to hold myself to the highest, most expanded vision of myself and what I create in my life. She listens in silence when I need to be heard—and when I need to hear myself. She insightfully nudges and questions me, pushing me to look at myself from a position of sovereign authority and truth. She cheers me on and relentlessly reminds me of my strength and my right to show up in the world exactly as I am. She holds me accountable to stepping up and doing the work I’m meant to do. Kimberly works with grace and fiercely loving presence. She models for me what it is to be authentically, unapologetically, powerfully feminine. 

Jennifer Hasenyager

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