Heal Your Relationship with Power

by Kimberly Asset Firewalker

When you are in right relationship with your power, you have the capacity to give and receive in a way that feels balanced and pleasurable.

You step out of the story of being “too busy” to create the life you most desire to live when you choose to reclaim and activate your power.

One of the great ironies of being a powerful female leader is that many women leak or give their power away, because they don’t want to be SEEN as powerful. They are afraid that when they truly SHOW UP AS THEMSELVES FOR THEMSELVES, they may not be accepted or liked.

The Truth is not showing up as your most authentic self makes it impossible for people to ever really know you, so they can’t truly know if they like you.

I call this the Authenticity Bind and it is one of the top (also most exhausting) power leaks of very powerful women.

” One of the great ironies of being a powerful leader is that many women or men leak or give their power away, because they don’t want to be SEEN as powerful.”

The good news is, we can isolate the leak (as well as any other sneaky ways you’re giving away your power) and transform , so you can move through the world as the divine, powerful co-creator & leader you came here to Be.Authenticity is the highest expression of your divine nature, and once you figure out where you are leaking power, you become a magnet for all the prosperity, passion & pleasure you secretly desire. The Heal Your Relationship with Power Intensive is a highly personalized, bespoke experience.

Here’s How This Will Flow

90 minute 1×1 private session with Kimberly. Uncovers your specific Power Leaks—these are the areas of your life where you are habitually feeling dissatisfied that are keeping you stuck in the vicious cycle of knowing what you want, while still activating what you don’t want through your old habits & beliefs.

  • Reveals a clear, straight forward pathway to get into right relationship with Power with ease & grace.
  • Alchemizes the beliefs, habits & energetic distortions that are no longer serving you and that are keeping the prosperity, love and passion you desire just out of reach
  • Creates & installs new beliefs & a stories that are aligned with your authentic, powerful Self so that you can command the Universe to conspire on your behalf. This opens the flow of all the love, money, power, passion & respect you really want to come into form.
  • Restores & replenishes the “lost” power and increases your capacity to access more of your divine power.

Kimberly is fire: an activation, a clearing, a divine feminine energetic force that helps us remember who we are. During my Akashic Records reading, Kimberly not only opened the records, she catalyzed a force of love that ignited a reawakening with me. The serendipitous messages that occurred—even immediately—after our session showed the power of how The Mystery can unfold in our lives when we listen. And Kimberly knows how to listen.  

As a shamanic seer, I trust her.  

As a truth teller, I trust her.  

As a fire-starter, I trust her.  

You should, too. 

Rebecca Cavendar  

Inspirational. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think as to why I would recommend Kimberly. I met Kimberly few years ago ago on a retreat she was on. Little did I know that us meeting would have such an impact on me years later. Her magic has kept us in touch and she has literally sparked inspiration into my life when I needed it the most.
Even through the years we’ve lived so far from one another, distance has never gotten in the way of her shedding light, wisdom, and inspiration into my life.
Michelle Nayebkhil

Kimberly is a Badass Goddess who sees the Badass Goddess in me. She holds the highest vision for our work together, which inspires me to hold myself to the highest, most expanded vision of myself and what I create in my life. She listens in silence when I need to be heard—and when I need to hear myself. She insightfully nudges and questions me, pushing me to look at myself from a position of sovereign authority and truth. She cheers me on and relentlessly reminds me of my strength and my right to show up in the world exactly as I am. She holds me accountable to stepping up and doing the work I’m meant to do. Kimberly works with grace and fiercely loving presence. She models for me what it is to be authentically, unapologetically, powerfully feminine. 

Jennifer Hasenyager

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