Here’s something you don’t know about me; something I’ve been embarrassed to share until now.

About three years ago, I was in the death throes of my career. A year prior, I had been fired from my cushy corporate role as a senior executive at a Fortune 7 firm. Actually, the Universe fired me (more on THAT in another email).

Even though, I had already created a six-figure coaching practice supporting leaders & entrepreneurs to create results in their businesses and lives that they couldn’t imagine possible, I was still deeply unsettled. 

I was reeling from what felt like was the loss of my identity.I could feel my Higher Self prowling around inside my body; restless in her sleep and rattling against my rib cage when awake.On the outside, I appeared to have it all together. On the inside, I was coming undone.

One night, as I was praying, lamenting & languishing in a deep conversation with God, my Divine Alliance (this is my name for the benevolent collective of ancestors, beings, deities, ascended masters and helping spirits who love me unconditionally) reminded me that my title as senior executive, even with all its fancy accoutrements, was not my identity.

“If you are really ready to know the truth of who you are, look to your roots,” they gently guided.

So, I did my research and found a firm that specializes in matrilineal ancestral DNA. This specific testing maps the ancestry of your mother line, and traces back to your earliest known female ancestor. When the results came back, I didn’t believe them. I called the company and asked them justify the data (you can take the girl out of a data-driven environment, but you can’t take the love of data out of the girl).

The very patient and knowledgeable technician carefully explained the findings. A week later I called back, so I could compare and contrast what I had been previously told.Same data. Same results.I am a direct descendant of Mitochondrial Eve.Known as the Mother of All of Humanity, MT-Eve, is believed to have lived in East Africa some 200,000 years ago. She is the Creatrix of modern humanity.

Sometimes the Truth of who we are feels so big and so powerful that we cannot take it in all at once. Inside my heart and mind, gears begin to whir and click into place. The more I sat with my own origin story, the more the Truth of who I am began to come back online. I began to have Conversations with Eve ™ inside the Akashic Records and the story of who I am came back as a memory; as gnosis. What had felt like my un-doing was, in fact, my “re-membering” as the parts of me that had fled to higher ground due to trauma and heart break now felt safe to return.

The balance of power between my divine feminine and sacred masculine was being restored on cellular level. I ascended, without apology, into the throne of leadership I was, literally, born to assume. The new model of leadership assumes your divinity. It requires that you accept your lineage— and that you don’t make it any more, or any less, than it is.It just is. You *just*are. Once you are able to truly take this in, and live it as Truth, your whole world changes. 

Prosperity, Love & Abundance flow to you with ease, because you become the embodiment of your desires. As the Sovereign of your Life, under your divine leadership it must be so. Leadership is a sacred calling, and your DNA holds the wisdom about who you are as a leader. The time of enslavement to false humility is over. That is a man made construct designed to keep your direct access to your divine power at bay. You are called to lead, love & live as the goddess and god God made you to be. This is the ancient future now consciousness of leadership: the Christos-Sophia. The Isis & Osiris. The Yeshua & the Magdalene.

This is leadership to the highest power ™. 

Living your life as a leader-goddess/god requires a mindset shift. Your guides inside the Akashic Records can help you make this shift in the quickest, most ease full way possible.

If you’re ready to reclaim your leadership inheritance in order to create more prosperity & abundance in your life, book a session with me for an Akashic Record Leadership Assessment.

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