All around the globe, the lion is recognized as the symbol for Royalty, Protection & Heart.   A fierce protector, she is also honored for showing a heartfelt mutual respect for all beings.  Perhaps this is true, because a lion doesn’t have anything to prove. 

Lion energy is the quientessence of leadership and, what I call, lovership.   

Moon in Leo is a potent time to step into your authentic power as a natural born leader. 

Ancient Egyptians revered the lion for its connection to the sun.   They believed its brilliant golden mane came from having swallowed the sun, thus giving it access to the great mysteries of the cosmos.  

Lion invites us to stand in our power; to move through life with confidence and authority.  To be the hunter; not the hunted.  

On the savannah, the female is as adept a huntress as her male counterpart. The female is also the epitome of the Great Mother.  The embodiment of the feminine powers and the maternal energies of the moon, including divine intuition.  Fierce and feminine, it is the female lion who is often seen as statues guarding cities, gates and temples.  

Lion energy also calls in the highest aspects of yourself as a divine sacred lover.  These aspects bring forward a regal, sultry, confident way of Being in the world and are available to you whether you are currently mated or single.   

Spoiler alert: if you are currently single and desire to find your partner, stepping into this power is one key to attracting sacred sexual union into your life.  

Every moon has a dark side.  Lion comes into your life if you’ve become too complacent in key areas of your life, especially in the heart-centered sectors of career and intimate relationships.  

The invitation is to find ways to generate more energy by nurturing yourself and others.  The average male lion weighs in at 500 lbs; they are masters at smart energy expenditure and replenishment.   

Empowered leaders practice good energy management.  If you’re feeling exhausted or have fallen prey to overwhelm, call upon Lion to cultivate your will to transform, heal and live at your highest potential level.  

This moon is also a call to embrace your feminine nature.   We are all spirits having a human experience and our souls have no gender.  Masculine and feminine energy is inherent within each of us and lion invites us to thoughtfully cultivate the marriage of these two potent, harmonizing energies.   

The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, known as the goddess of war, is also revered as the goddess of healing.   As systems all around us crumble around our feet, even the strongest of leaders can begin to feel defeated.  You are a microcosm of the macro, so you can expect to experience your own dismantling during this lunar cycle.    

If you’re feeling prone to anger or apathy, these are markers that you are likely leaking power by over care-taking for others.   Ask Sekhmet to aim her flame and burn away anything that is no longer serving you with ease and grace. 

For aeons, we have revered the moon for her mysterious power to control the tide.  The original calendar (created by women) was based on the 13 lunar cycles.   

Talking to the Moon: 

Here is an easy practice for connecting with the power of the moon.  If you able to do this ritual outside under the moonlit sky that will be amazing.  If not, that’s also cool.  The moon is always in the sky and her power is effective morning, noon and night.  

Grab a glass of water, a journal and a pen.   The water aligns your body and energy with the watery energy of the moon.   This will help you get into the flow, literally, and figuratively. 

Breath normally. 

Set an intention to connect with the part of yourself that remembers and knows how to Be with all of the natural and divine, benevolent resources that are available to you. 

Take a sip of your water, and ask your first question aloud.  

Jot down any impressions, symbols, sentences, ideas that flow.  Do not edit or try to make sense of them.   Brilliant leaders know when to follow—let the moon guide you.   Trust the process. 

Repeat the process: Sip. Speak. Scribe.  

Here are 3 questions to get your conversation started.  

What is asking to be transformed & transmuted during this lunar cycle? 

What is in my highest good to know about how to best work with the Leo moon? 

What ritual or practice is the most supportive for what I need right now? 

When you feel complete, express gratitude in whatever way feels good to you.   

Wild About You, 


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