Private Coaching 

With Kimberly Firewalker 

One-on-one, private coaching with Kimberly Gunter is a confidential, supportive environment where you can get to the heart of who you are as a leader and in all the roles you play. Kimberly’s 20 years of experience as a senior executive, working mom and wife blended with her expertise as a transformational coach will help you discover the answers to the questions that will take your life to its highest potential. 

Words are power. The key to the process is simply a willingness to engage in meaningful conversations that will help you unlock the doors that stand between you and what you really want.

Coaching is the killer dynamic for top leaders and executives. These private sessions are powerful, and custom designed to help you gain the emotional intelligence, confidence and life mastery you’ve been seeking.

At Wildfire Global, we work with clients who are ready now to understand their superpower is the ability to ignite transformation in their own lives. Like Mother Nature, our clients harness their inner resources to burn away what no longer serves them, creating acres of infinite possibility.

Forget all the talk about 21 days to build a new habit. Making sustainable change is about real, meaningful inner work. If you are ready now to get serious about getting the life that serves you and invest in yourself, contact Kimberly Gunter to spark a conversation.

By combining the science of energy coaching with spiritual growth, you will deliberately create the life that you most want. And you will do it in a way that allows you to honor yourself and the relationships that matter to you the most. 


Here’s what 0ur client’s are saying

Kimberly is fire: an activation, a clearing, a divine feminine energetic force that helps us remember who we are. During my Akashic Records reading, Kimberly not only opened the records, she catalyzed a force of love that ignited a reawakening with me. The serendipitous messages that occurred—even immediately—after our session showed the power of how The Mystery can unfold in our lives when we listen. And Kimberly knows how to listen.  

As a shamanic seer, I trust her.  

As a truth teller, I trust her.  

As a fire-starter, I trust her.  

You should, too. 

Rebecca Cavendar  

Inspirational. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think as to why I would recommend Kimberly. I met Kimberly few years ago ago on a retreat she was on. Little did I know that us meeting would have such an impact on me years later. Her magic has kept us in touch and she has literally sparked inspiration into my life when I needed it the most.
Even through the years we’ve lived so far from one another, distance has never gotten in the way of her shedding light, wisdom, and inspiration into my life.
Michelle Nayebkhil

Kimberly is a Badass Goddess who sees the Badass Goddess in me. She holds the highest vision for our work together, which inspires me to hold myself to the highest, most expanded vision of myself and what I create in my life. She listens in silence when I need to be heard—and when I need to hear myself. She insightfully nudges and questions me, pushing me to look at myself from a position of sovereign authority and truth. She cheers me on and relentlessly reminds me of my strength and my right to show up in the world exactly as I am. She holds me accountable to stepping up and doing the work I’m meant to do. Kimberly works with grace and fiercely loving presence. She models for me what it is to be authentically, unapologetically, powerfully feminine. 

Jennifer Hasenyager

About Kimberly

Kimberly is the Founder of Wildfire Global, a boutique Kimberly firm for high-impact, conscious leaders and entrepreneurs. She envisions a world where a diverse slate of empowered, intuitive leaders are guiding the top corporations, businesses and political offices.

Kimberly has mentored, advised, coached and sponsored hundreds of leaders over the years.

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