My family and I live on a beautiful 10-acre plot of land.  The house is about 12 years old, and we purchased it from the original owners coming up on three years in December. 

Most evenings, Craig and I enjoy a glass of wine together on the balcony porch and listen as the frogs sing and woo the moon.  The trees are mature and tower over the back three acres providing shelter from the heat when our kids practice sports. 

Because we live on the outskirts of town (I love that word, ‘outskirts’), there is every manner of wildlife cutting their paths through our yard.  A month ago, we had a three-legged coyote hunting the back property. Wild turkey and deer are common neighbors.  And I’ve even learned to appreciate the essential custodian role of the lowly possum since moving to our own little paradise.

But what I love most about our home is that I built it. 

After Craig and I married, we quickly realized that the four-bedroom, two-story house that my daughter and I lived in wasn’t big enough for our entourage of six.  Given the, ahem, complexities of three parenting plans and divorce decrees, we had some strict parameters for our house search.  My decree specifically required us, at the time, to remain within the city limits and the school district.

I loved our current neighborhood with its close proximity to every convenience and the epic driveway chat sessions with my bestie neighbor, and still I longed for some space.  My life was expanding and I desired to have a home big enough to allow the relationships to grow as well.  Blending a family isn’t for wusses, and I sensed we were all going to need our space from time to time.  Perhaps me the most.

We met with our realtor, Matthew (we’ll call him Matthew because that is his real name and because he is a Rockstar and deserves top billing in this story) and explained that we were looking for 10-acres,  room for everyone to sleep comfortably, a pool and outdoor kitchen and it absolutely had to be within our current school district. Given the size and design of our city, this was a very challenging gig.  Matthew took it in stride.  If he thought it impossible, he never let on.  Rockstar.

For four months, we looked. Through rain, sleet, snow and wind we crossed the threshold of 63, count them, houses.  There was the tear down and rebuild that Craig summarily nixed.  There was the house on 120 acres Craig thought he could someday, probably, maybe farm, that I nixed.  We live in the Midwest and my husband regularly describes himself as “tropical.”  There would be zero farming when the temperatures dropped below 50 degrees.  There was a log cabin: an actual log cabin.  And finally came the house with the basketball court inside that we both really liked and thought we wanted. And even though something felt a little off, we made an offer. But the deal just kept falling through and so with Craig’s agreement, I called it off.  I believe there are no accidents in the Universe, so even though we didn’t have a house my intuition told me that wasn’t our home.  Well-meaning friends and family told us to quit looking and consider remodeling the existing house. 

I had been working with an architect before I met Craig, to design an outdoor living space and pool in the one-acre backyard.  We would just add a sleeping suite to the plans and stay put.  I called Matthew and told him as much.  But alas, that didn’t feel right either. 

One day I sat alone in a coffee shop (can we agree coffee shops are magical places?) and had a talk with God.  I said, “God, it’s Kimberly.  And I love you and I trust (this is the most powerful mantra I know, but more on that later).  I said, “We are looking for our house.  Our house.  It has to have a pool so that our kids have a place to laugh and play together.  I want a pond so that our youngest can fish and be peaceful by himself. Let’s find an outdoor kitchen so Craig can grill and do man-things with meat.  I want 10 acres, so I may walk alone and still know I’m home, and so our kids may roam freely and be safe. It has to have a basement so that our house is a hangout spot for our kids and their friends.  And we need a fenced yard for our dog.  And God, I don’t know where this house is, but I KNOW YOU DO and I thank you in advance for finding it for us. (This, my friends, is the magic language of miracle making!)

I sat quietly at the wood-scraped table and saw my husband barbecuing.  I saw myself buying scores of snacks to stock the pantry for the throngs of kids splashing in our pool.   Even though my current experiences told me the house didn’t exist, in my mind’s eye, the house we desired was very, very real.  

When you engage the Universe from a place of knowing what you want, and believe it is available to you, the Universal Law of Attraction is ignited.  And when you know What you desire and Why you desire it, and leave the How to God, you tap into the unlimited abundance that is all possibilities. Nothing is impossible in a world of infinite possibility. 

A mere 36 hours later, the Rockstar calls, tells me he believes he has found the perfect house.  It seems he had ignored me completely and continued to look for our dream home.  “Last house, Kimberly; I promise.”

Everything is energy, including your thoughts.  Quantum mechanics teaches us that our thoughts carry an energetic vibration that informs the Universe on how to bring like-energy things into physical form.  The key to manifesting what you desire is to be in vibrational alignment to what you desire.

When you decide to muster the stamina to stop facing reality and start creating it, you will begin to harness the same power that creates worlds, and you will change your world.  Pinky swear. 

So, while I did not build our home brick by brick, I did create it thought-by-powerful thought. 

What, Beloved, do you want?  What else?

Love & Happiness,
Kimberly Aset Firewalker

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